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Urban Gallery presents
our September 2018 Exhibition


Solo Exhibition by GRACE DAM

PROUD ART 2018 LightImage by Hank Blondeau

oil on canvas by Grace Dam

Thursday September 6, 2018 to Saturday September 29, 2018
Thursday September 6, 2018
from 5 PM to 8 PM
 rsvp  requested

See Grace's work on her website:

Artist Statement

One of the most complex things in our life is the interaction or connection to others around us. Something we can observe but never quite
control. My portraits or figurative works reflect certain aspects of the complication in the communication between human beings. In relationships: intimate, casual, family or simply just strangers. I mostly use oil as the medium to capture these precious gestures and innuendoes.

Certain looks, even a smile or a passing raising of the eyebrows can imprint in our memory that precise moment like a never fading recorded tape.

Body language, the second way of communication. The unspoken, silent signs. They are more potent, longer lasting and much more interesting to receive. Art is a form of silent language which I hope to convey. Oil is long lasting, the medium is the message.

Biography & CV

I am a Toronto based artist and a proud Canadian. Committing fully to the art, I gave up my professional career in Finance to pursue art full time to study at OCADU. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2018.

Art has been a lifelong passion, it allows me to express my view, feelings and emotions. It is where our mind wanders, where dreams are
embraced and journeys form. It has been with me through each day, it is a gift that I feel so fortunate to receive. My works are mostly in oil, a
medium I fell in love with initially, now my works also include acrylic and other media.

My career in finance solidified my thought process, it allows new horizons and adds angles that art and creativity sometimes overlook. It helps me see things differently and stabilizes what is ideal and meaningful. My artworks often reflect the complexity of life, the challenges in relationships and the connections with the earth and the sky.


Aug 10-12, 2018, Art Walk in the Square, outdoor group show, Artists Network, Toronto, ON

Mar-April 2018, Open Int’l Juried Online Exhibition, Society of Canadian Artists

Sept-Nov 2017, Carmichael Canadian Landscape, group show, Orillia Museum, Orillia, ON

July 2017, O Canada, group show, Urban Gallery, Toronto ON

May 2017, GradEx Ocadu, Toronto ON

Mar 2017, Festival of the Body, Ocadu, Toronto ON

Dec 2016, Art Square Gallery Group Show (II), Toronto, ON

Dec 2016, Bows Art Artists’ Network Group Show, Toronto ON

Nov 2016, Art Square Gallery Group Show (I), Toronto ON

Nov 2016, Artists’ Network Group show, Art Square Gallery, Toronto ON

Sept-Nov 2016, Canadian Landscape, Orillia Museum of Art and History, juried competition

Sept 2016, The Artist Unmasked, Urban Gallery solo show, Toronto ON

July 2016, Figuratively Speaking, Agora Gallery NYC, group show

Feb 2015, Ocadu group show, Toronto ON

May 19-June 9 2015, Contemporary Perspectives, Agora Gallery, group show, NYC

May 8-17 2013 Sensation, Avenue Road Art School,Toronto, ON

2012 Group show, Toronto School of Art, Toronto ON


Urban Gallery presents
our October 2018 Exhibition


Solo Exhibition by OSVALDO NAPOLI

PROUD ART 2018 LightImage by Hank Blondeau

FAÇADE by Osvadlo Napoli
Materials: aluminum sheets and wire, bonding putty, rice paper, acrylic paint on board. People with masks making more masks.

October 4 to October 27, 2018
Saturday October 6, 2018
from 2 PM to 5 PM
 rsvp  requested


Osvaldo Napoli was born in Montevideo Uruguay, migrated to Toronto in 1975 and resides in Richmond Hill Ontario. He attended OCAD in the 80’s, and took courses in the Art Department at Central Technical School. He was also mentored by friend Canadian artist Sorel Etrog who was an inspiration for three decades.

I am mainly self-taught and I express myself through sculpture and painting, and a combination of both disciplines. I'm taken by the three-dimensional world and the beauty of the human form and social condition.

Artist Statement

The inspiration behind all of my work is people in general and the intricacies of social behaviour. I am fascinated by the complexity of the human mind and the mysteries about how we all perceive reality. I'm particularly interested in the superficialities that can be presented and at the same time considering what else might be there beyond appearances. I use art as a platform to communicate with the world and examine the humanity within us.

Urban Gallery presents
our November 2018 Exhibition


Solo Exhibition by JUDITH MCKAY

Just BEing There by Judith McKay

30" x 40" Acrylic on Canvas

November 8 to November 30, 2018
Saturday November 10, 2018
from 2 PM to 5 PM
 rsvp  requested

Artist Statement

Hiraeth (here-eye-th)

Hiraeth is a Celtic word that means a wistful longing for a place that you cannot return to. A place that perhaps never was. 

The desire for a sense of peace and belonging are emotions I seek to capture in my work. Such desire can often turn to frustration when the real world doesn’t live up to fantasy, and so I depict trees, firmly rooted yet dancing in the wind, to symbolize resiliency as
we continue to seek our true home, despite adversity. 

For this exhibition, I chose a vibrant palette and the use of high gloss medium and reflective paints to create an ethereal effect, as if awakening from a beautiful dream that quickly evaporates and eludes us. The pieces selected for display are meant to truly express what Hiraeth means to me. 


Judith McKay is a Toronto artist, who explores fantasy as a means of finding peace in a frenetic world. Trees are her allegory for the endless pursuits of modern life: rooted, yet branching out to reach the sky.

Largely self-taught, Judith’s style is free-flowing. She uses both thick impasto and fluid colour to achieve movement and boldness. Fearless about colour, she uses a vibrant palette, applying interference and irides­cent paints to achieve surrealistic effects. Her style is constantly evolving via frequent participation in workshops and exhibitions, as well as studying the techniques of other artists.

Recent Toronto exhibitions include Art Escape at the Super Wonder Gallery, the ETA Awards, Visual Arts Movement juried exhibition, FUSION, a shared solo show with Moses Sali­hou at the Freedom Factory Gallery. She is also a regular exhibitor at the Artusiasm Gallery. Her work can be found in private collections across Canada, the US and overseas.

Judith is also on the board of Artscape, a Toronto-based not-for-profit urban development organization that makes space for creativity and transforms communities. She also is honoured to have recently joined the Art Toronto 2018 Opening Night Committee.


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